Dragonfly Monitoring

Guests staying at Springbank Cottage, our self catering holiday let in Elgol, can use resources for dragonfly monitoring.

Will I see dragonflies on Skye?

There are several quite common species seen in the spring and summer months.  By visiting the best places you have a good chance of seeing the less common types.

What you can do

  • Track down dragonflies as they emerge and fly before breeding.
  • Net specimens to aid identification and appreciation of these incredible creatures.
  • Submit your records to the British Dragonfly Society’s DragonflyWatch.  This is an easy to access and use recording facility which collects vital information about dragonfly distribution and become a “citizen scientist”.

Where to do it

  • Bogs, moorland, streams and upland rivers are prime habitat for dragonflies.
  • There is plenty of this habitat near the cottage and throughout the Island.

What we provide

  • Catching net
  • Containers
  • Magnifying glasses and hand held field lens
  • ID Guides and books

Advice about the activity

  • Dragonflies emerge from water in late spring and early summer.
  • July and August the peak times for flying.
  • Catch flying dragonflies by swinging the net in the direction of flight.
  • Catch perching dragonflies with an upward swing from behind.

Things to consider

  • Some species emerge at night to minimise risk of predation.
  • Never attempt to capture newly emerged specimens as they are too delicate to withstand handling.
  • Always return specimens alive where they were captured.
Boggy pool in Skye full of dragonflies

Boggy pools – prime dragonfly habitat

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