Fire Safety Notice

All guests need to make themselves familiar with the contents of this Notice.  It is a condition of booking that the lead guest has read this information.


Under the terms of the Fire Safety Regulation Part 3 Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 a full Fire Risk Assessment has been conducted and measures put in place to mitigate that risk through provision of alarms; guidance on best practice and having an Emergency Fire Action Plan in place and displayed in the cottage.


  • On arrival familiarise yourselves with the exits;
  • Keep the hallway clear of obstructions that could impede your exit;
  • At night keep doors to bedrooms closed;
  • Leave the front and back door keys in the locks at night.

Heat and Smoke alarms –€“ these are mains electricity connected and located in the kitchen, lounge and the hallway.  There is a battery powered CO alarm located in the lounge.  If there are any issues with the working of these alarms refer to the information folder and report it to us.

A fire blanket and fire extinguisher are located in the kitchen. Fire extinguishers are also located in the lounge, hallway, utility room and environmental activities room.

Naked Flame Policy

This is a No Smoking property. Smoking is NOT permitted in the cottage under any circumstances.

The burning of candles inside the cottage is NOT permitted under any circumstances.

Wood burning stove

Operating guidelines for the stove are on display in the cottage.  Following them will minimise the risk of fire spreading from the stove.  We provide wood that has a low moisture content which has a lower risk of sparking. Please do not burn any other fuel or rubbish on the stove as it will compromise the condition of the stove and the flue and may create a fire risk.

If you use the wood burner:

  • only use the wood provided.
  • make sure the door is properly secured and do not use it as an open fire.
  • ensure that the fire is tended during the starting process
  • be aware that the surface of the stove can get extremely hot so do not touch it.